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Set of 7 Bullet Shaped Polyhedral Dice (D4-D100)

1 Set Of 7 Dice
1 Set With Revolver Box
Only 0 left

🎲The dice don't need to look like dice, the 6-sided 30mm bullet dice are the perfect addition to any tabletop fight.

These dice have the shape of bullets💥, which is not only cool, but also has a punk feel. More attractive than normal dice.

This type of dice is very rare in the market and has a full fashion sense.

With it, you must have a special existence.👍

The bullet dice are designed to be balanced, clear and able to stand right. They are also meant to be rolled and they are also ideal items that can be used by your players. 

Carlos Rodas, our main designer developed this dice with a balanced and easy roll in mind which is achived with rounded edges and starting off from polygonal shapes like squares, hexagons and octahedra.

This dice, even if you don't use it, is a beautiful piece of art in your home.😍
Look how beautiful they are😍

We have a brand new upgrade for this dice. The new generation is not only much more fashionable and unique in appearance than the old generation, but also upgraded in material. From plastic to resin.

❤The appearance of this dice has also won the favor of the majority of customers due to its unique appearance.❤

(currently only round dice boxes for sale)

A set of 7 Polyhedral Dice in the shape of bullets.
Including popular numbers such as D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, everyone's favorite the D20 and D100. (Disclaimer not every loves D20's, but let's all pretend,OK?)

Comes with revolver type dice box.

Easy to find what dice you want by looking at the number on the bottom of the die!

Spice up your game with a little pew pew pew!
(Not every bullet is perfect, we all have things that make us unique.)