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Power Pod

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Never be stuck with a dead mobile device again! Power Pod is a mobile device charger that will charge your iPhone or Android device on the spot. It's not just a charge cable -- it's actually a fully rechargeable battery that's the size of a keychain!

Forget those bulky charge cases or solar chargers. Power Pod is the perfect tech device companion to take everywhere with you to make sure you always have all the extra power you need. The Power Pod is lightweight and fits right on your key, and plugs in to your phone without any cables so you're never stuck with a dead battery again.

The secret is Power Pod's built-in micro high velocity charger that delivers instant power that lasts for hours! Attach one to your key ring, or your briefcase, your handbag, your gym bag, it's the perfect size to stick on to backpacks so the kids can call for a ride after school or practice.